SEO Copywriting – How to Create Quality Messages

Seo Copywriting remains in trend even in 2019

As I said in the previous article – The importance of copywriting in promoting a business for 2019 copywriting is still in trend in 2019, but only if it is quality.

By “browsing” and reading various articles daily, I decided to write this article. And what compelled me to do this? Well, most of the articles I read have surprised me – many in a pleasant way, others…. less pleasant. Why? I was amazed by the language used, the message transmitted – which most of the time I did not understand or convinced me to act.

We all know – or at least I like to believe – that all copywriters play an essential role in creating a message or story that encourages action – to buy, to read, to inform. Unfortunately not everyone succeeds, and the causes can be different.


What can be the causes of a misunderstood message?

A first cause of a misunderstood message may even be the copywriter’s experience. If he does not have extensive experience on the product to be sold, the message may not be the right one.

Another cause may be poor information about the product or service. If the copywriter did not do the necessary research on the product, he / she will not be able to create the desired message that will prompt the action. It is very important that any copywriter, once he has received the brief from the client, does his research very well. It must know very well: what can guarantee the consumer, which is the competition, which is the public or target, but also what are the strengths and weaknesses of the product. All of these things can be found both from the client, asking the essential questions in finding the helpful answers, as well as from the people the client works with – the sales department or the people in charge of marketing.

There is a possibility that the language used by the copywriter may be too high for the target audience. Even if it seems like a totally inadequate cause, believe me it isn’t. Language is essential! If you use a language that is too high and the target audience of the product is people from rural areas, then be sure to “fence it”. Never will a person sit with the dictionary next to him until he reads your text!

Also, many copywriters do not go on the field. Yes … you may be surprised to see that one cause may be field study, but believe me it is an essential one. It is normal, as a copywriter, who really wants to know his product, to go and research the real market. Why? Well, once you reach the store or market where the product is sold or where you want to be sold, you can see exactly the behavior of the buyer. The information that can be collected from the field is essential … starting with the message, the product packaging, the price and its competition. Yes, I know, now comes the part, with … “well the client gives you all the information in a brief!” …. I know, but if they do not clearly define all the benefits of the product? If it is incomplete? If the client accidentally failed to give you information that may be essential, but does he not think it is essential?


Summarizing the above, the causes of a misunderstood message can be:

Copywriter experience

Bad information about the product or service

The language used by the copywriter

Lack of field study


What are the steps to follow if the client brief is not a complete one or it does not provide you with one?

Above I told you that a copywriter has to study very well several elements on the product that is to be promoted. Most of the time, it receives from the client or from the intermediary agency with which it collaborates, a document – brief – which aims to inform the copywriter with all the necessary to create the appropriate message for the product. But if it is incomplete? If the brief is missing, and you only have the product and the company?

First of all, you should not panic. If you are a good copywriter, you will know that you will have a lot more work to do, but you will know that there are a few essential steps, and if you follow them, you will be able to create a beautiful, attractive and action-packed message.

To be sure you will create the most appropriate message, you will need to find the necessary information, just by asking the right questions. And what would they be? Well, if you do not have a brief or the one provided by the client, it is not a complete one, ask the client the following questions:

What is the reason why you want to advertise your product or service?

Responses: product / service / brand launch or relaunch, service launch, product anniversary; and so on

What is the purpose of advertising the product or service?

Responses: positioning / or repositioning, increasing notoriety, increasing sales, attracting new customers, retaining existing customers; and so on

Which is the target audience you want to target

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