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Because your site or online store is worth the exposure you dream of, Plum Media offers the best SEO optimization services for TOP search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing.

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Seo Optimization Guaranty

Increasing positions and traffic in search engines.

The first page in Google but we cannot guarantee a certain position due to the very frequent updates – Google makes daily updates.

Increase sales volume and brand visibility in the online environment

A dedicated team for implementing programming, design, UX (user experience), copywriting and content creation changes.

An activity report and detailed statistics for the positions in Google in relation to the competition as well; NON STOP access to them from any device (desktop, laptop, phone, tablet).

Compliance with Google’s recommendations regarding SEO (search engine optimization) and total transparency.

*We will  NOT   collaborate with 2 companies that have the same field of activity.

SEO Optimization Services

SEO optimization can make your site easier to find by potential customers. Google is the most important search engine, and increasing the position of a web page is important for any kind of business. Thus, in order for your project or site to be in first place (or on the first page of the search results), you must invest in quality SEO services.

Most of the organic traffic of a site comes from Google, SEO optimization becomes essential in the sales strategy of any responsible management.

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SEO Analysis – Keywords and Landing Pages Setup

Here, we will research the keywords that have the potential to generate search engine traffic. Starting from the main keywords we will look for other specific long-tail keywords that have a high search volume and a relatively low competition.

Thus, we will determine which landing pages are most relevant to the keywords found. A properly researched keyword research for a SEO campaign should reflect a fuller picture of the site and the content itself.

Market Analysis and Seo Growth Potential

In this stage, we will analyze the search intentions of the users on the Internet: what to buy, where and how often. Most entrepreneurs have not yet set a goal for their business, and this should be done to know where we want to go.

For market analysis, data obtained through several analysis tools can be combined: Moz, Semrush, Ahrefs, Seomonitor, Similarweb, Seranking, Seo Power Suite, Geo Ranker and Cognitive Seo.

The most important advantages when doing an analysis of the market from the SEO point of view and of the development of the business through the internet / specific of the traffic coming from an increased visibility in the search engines:

  • Market size, if the business is seasonal, the development possibilities (there are many niches for which there is no search volume in the search engines, and then the SEO objectives must be set correctly)
  • Identification of the most important competitors with the highest visibility in the search engines (there are cases when the beneficiary of an online business does not know the competitors positioned in the top of the search engines search)
  • Depending on the niche, which are the main advantages offered by competitors (eg price, quality, customer support, extended warranty, modern methods of delivery and payments, possibility of purchase in installments)
  • Which e-commerce platforms are used by the main competitors (custom, Shopify, CMS Open Source WordPress-Woocommerce, OpenCart, Prestashop, Magento). There are certain platforms that can help or hinder the SEO optimization process.
  • Main sources of traffic (search engines, paid PPC advertising, social media, e-mail marketing, direct traffic, referral)
  • Identifying keywords with the highest SEO competition and identifying new ranking opportunities
  • The backlink profile (the number and authority of the backlinks, the anchors used, the age of the backlinks, the frequency with which they received backlinks)
  • Existence of a content marketing strategy and finding new content marketing opportunities (Videomarketing, native advertising, visual content)
  • Brandingul de care beneficiaza concurenta si daca acest lucru poate impacta o campanie de SEO


The goal of an online store may be, for example, to increase organic traffic by 35-40% or to exceed a competitor in your niche regarding organic results and search engine visibility. For a successful SEO campaign it is necessary both to set an SEO objective and an analysis of the efficiency of the online store on the niche in which it operates, as well as the monitoring of the competition.

Technical SEO audit

A seo audit helps us discover what should be further improved within the seo optimization campaign, so after completing it we will have an overview along with a number of shortcomings and problems that affect the performance of the site.

The audit must be performed both at the beginning of a new seo project and frequently (once every 2-3 months) in order to be aware of any problems that may arise during seo optimization. Our Seo specialists will handle the whole process to identify gaps and then implement a seo strategy based on audit data.

SEO On Page Optimization

 In this process we will put into practice solving the technical problems and shortcomings found in the audit in order to have a seo campaign with results. If the technical part of the site is not well developed, any effort to get results from Seo can be in vain. We will solve the technical and usability problems such as:

  • Canonicalization problems.
  • Identification of duplicate content.
  • Meta title and description verification.
  • Existence of sitemaps and robots for search engines to better understand the content of the site
  • Accessibility, balanced hierarchical structure.
  • Implementation of microformats.
  • Website loading speed.
  • Responsive design, optimized for mobile.
  • Page verification rel = next, prev.
  • Internal link structure and url architecture.
  • + Other optimizations related to User Experience.

SEO Off Page Optimization

In this stage of seo off-page optimization, all implementations take place outside the site in order to obtain as many quality backlinks as are relevant to your niche. In 2020 the focus was on quality and content relevance. This stage is no longer as important as in previous years, because the method of buying links has become somewhat obvious, and Google no longer emphasizes as before the number of links. In any case, off page seo optimization is required for any SEO campaign that has results.

What is off-page seo optimization?

For search engines, the number of links and their quality represent a feedback, a transfer of authority to the site where the anchor referral is made. The quality and number of backlinks can be a factor of differentiating positions in organic results. The anchors used for backlinks help to understand the content to be displayed, both by the user and by Google. In this way, we can use synonymous or partial matching anchors to try to provide a hint to search engines in order to place us in the organic results on the targeted keywords. Besides these things, the off-page strategy will also include: relevant posts on different forums, signing up for business catalogs or directories and improving the presence on social networks.

Local SEO optimization

Seo Local Optimization involves improving search engine visibility for relevant searches that include geographical indicators such as: seo optimization or seo london agency. If you own a local business such as: hotel, boarding house, cafe, etc., you will need relevant traffic from the area where you operate, and this requires a local seo optimization.

Seo On-Page is an important element for local optimization. Here we will take care that the content of the page, as well as the meta title and description, contain the location of the business. Other elements that will be optimized: implementation of, adding to Google My Business, improving social media presence.

SEO Monitoring and Reporting

In this stage we will deal with the frequent measurement of the positions of the targeted keywords and of the organic traffic generated by them. Subsequently, our SEO specialists will study the market in detail and identify new opportunities to expand the key word library based on market demands and trends.

We will use professional seo tools to monitor the entire seo campaign and to verify its effectiveness. You will have permanent access to Seranking where you can track the positions in the organic results for each targeted keyword.

Clients Feedback

We are very proud of the services we offer our clients. Read below what they said about us.

Maria Dimieru

I appreciate my collaboration with Plum Media. They pay attention to the specific needs of your business and come up with solutions that help you achieve the desired results. I highly recommend it!
Carmen Paun

I recommend for excellent web design and seo optimization services, a web design agency with very good services.
Mihai Nae

I chose the web design agency Plum Media for the transparency they have shown since the first meeting, the presentation site of my company was done well and at a fair price and later search engine optimization (SEO) services have brought a continuous flow of clients, I recommend the company Plum Media, probably the best web design company in Bucharest
Purcaru Florin

I got to the front page very quickly with my used clothing store, I recommend it for seo services
Hey Moto

100% satisfied with the collaboration with Plum Media.
We collaborated with them on website creation, marketing and online promotion, Google Ads and social media campaigns.
If we were to describe in 3 words the experience: propriety, seriousness and professionalism. We highly recommend!
Florin Ciobanu

Thanks Plummedia for the results on SEO, you are the best! BEST TEAM!
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Advantages of SEO Optimization

  • We assure you that the site is present in the search engines
  • SEO optimization – The most sustainable way to promote
  • The visibility and credibility of the brand increases exponentially
  • It attracts more customers interested in the company’s services
  • Save money in the long run, and traffic is more targeted
  • Improving the conversion rate for the traffic generated through SEO
  • Increase the volume of unpaid traffic
  • Increase sales from targeted words

Pricing Plans For SEO Optimization Services

Choose the package that suits your business needs!

SEO Start up
/ per month
Audit SEO & Keyword Research
Monthly backlinks: 2+
Own blog articles: 2 per month
Consulting & Support
Minimum 6 Month
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SEO Advanced
/ per month
Audit SEO & Keyword Research
Monthly backlinks: 4+
Own blog articles: 2 per month
Consulting & Support
Minimum 6 Month
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SEO Premium
/ per month
Audit SEO & Keyword Research
Monthly backlinks: 6+
Own blog articles: 2 per month
Consulting & Support
Minimum 6 Month
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What does SEO optimization packages involve?

  1. Send targeted traffic to your site by reaching a position in the Top 10 Google
  2. Audit on page and off page (analysis and indications) to establish a strategy;
  3. Link profile analysis;
  4. The competition’s analysis;
  5. landing page optimization (obstacles that can slow the conversion rate);
  6. Local SEO optimization
  7. Creating quality links (copywriting team, we have our own network of sites);
  8. Installation of conversion codes and analysis;
  9. Access to a personalized platform where you can view the positions of the keywords, their evolution, the profile of links, the problems of the sites;
  10. Monthly reporting.
  11. Technical support
  12. Contract period of at least 6 months

Still thinking?

Our experts in SEO optimization services are waiting to meet you and offer you solutions for your business!

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