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The right advertising and well thought out will bring you new customers. That's why we're here.

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Why PlumMedia?

Because we have a lot of experience with a lot of types of advertising projects. And we know that any advertising material must solve a problem or respond to some needs. Otherwise, it becomes waste, so himself its part of the problem.

  • New customers with reduced costs
  • The chance to sell targeted, making the budget more efficient
  • Increased awareness in the market
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About graphic design

There are two characteristics that make advertising an efficient tool for business: first of all, it must aim to concrete results; secondly, it should catch the people`s mind and attention.

The graphic design like any advertising execution is actually a process and like all processes, it aims for a purpose. Usually, this purpose takes the form of some advantages for the company. And these advantages, summed up or taken separately, contribute to the happiness of a business. The PlumMedia team can deliver flyers, brochures, posters, catalogs, street banners, roll ups, birght commercials and other offline declensions.

Our workflow? Quick and transparent. Usual, everything starts from a discussion after which we assign you a skilled and experienced designer. And if the range of services you want is wider, we assign you a team of two designers. Because brand identity doesn`t mean just logo and colors on the site, but also other accessories that complete the picture: business cards, presentation maps, header sheets, email signature and newsletter design.

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Graphic design made right

The competitivity of a business is given by a number of factors. Among them, the way it is presented on the internet is becoming more and more important. Because from that carefully designed image, the results come (or not).

Through the digital graphic design services, PlumMedia can bring you closer to the desired results: we make banners for online, create from scratch and manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn pages and many others that we hope to discuss together. Either by mail or at a coffee cup.

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How do we do this?

  • 1
    We analyze the creative brief

    At the base of the projects realized by us are always the wishes and needs of the clients.

  • 2
    We implement the desired design

    We put into practice all the knowledges acquired to implement the design desired by a client.

  • 3
    We test and deliver

    After we have made sure that the design meets your expectations, we can say that the project is completed.

Clients Feedback

We are proud of the services we offer to our clients. Read below what they said about us.

Sabina Stroescu


They are the best (I have worked with several companies and speak from experience) and as an effective design and as a service. They are also serious and have a lot of demand which is extremely rare in this field. Very good quality / price ratio
Sorina D.

Decor cu flori

Pfff ... I don't know ... how do you say? No better then? .. Or else? .. Off ... I really don't know how it should be ... but where will it be? (client Sorina, too undocumented). You, with professionalism, perseverance, vision and immense patience, you managed to bring my project in fantastic final form! Thank you, you have all my appreciation!
Hey Moto

100% satisfied with the collaboration with Plum Media. We collaborated with them on website creation, marketing and online promotion, Google Ads and social media campaigns. If we were to describe in 3 words the experience: promptitudine, seriousness and professionalism. We highly recommend!

Still thinking?

Like in any domain, and in online commerce applies very well the aphorism ``is not good what is good, good is what suits you``. Write to us and let's see you for a coffee!

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