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We offer web consulting for the businesses with experience, that want to rethink the strategy , but also the entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of the road.

Why PlumMedia?

Because we know very well the role of the web consulting  and we have been offering it with success for10 years. In essence, business consulting is with nothing different from the lawyer or medical one. Just as litigation needs people who are specialized in law, businesses need professionals who specialize in marketing and sales.

  • Receive the advice of some digital professionals, so that you have an advantage over the competition.

About web consulting offered by PlumMedia

To have results, it`s important to have near you experts who have seen and done them all. Web consulting isn`t a whim to which managers appeal from excess of zeal or profit. Web consulting is a necessity that brings tangible results to the company.

Every day we think, we test, we try, we read and we test again. In a such versatile and complex industry as the online one, our clients need to know that being the best requires a special mindset. We are trying to apply both the knowledge gained in the over 10 years of promotion campaigns, as well as a constant improvement approach.

In general, the clients who ask for our help are of two types:

  1. People who want to open a business. We are happy to find that Romania still has valuable and ambitious entrepreneurs, who understand that the most important investment is in education. And the consulting we offer is a kind of education that helps the entrepreneur not to make mistakes that can be avoided.
  2. People who want a stronger business strategy, who want to sell more.

For both categories we delivered results, whether these results were seen in profit or in a more vigorous online presence, which helped later.

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Our clients’ opinion

We are proud of the services we offer to our clients. Read below what they said about us.

Sabina Stroescu


They are the best (I have worked with several companies and speak from experience) and as an effective design and as a service. They are also serious and have a lot of demand which is extremely rare in this field. Very good quality / price ratio.
Sorina D.

Decor cu flori

Pfff ... I don't know ... how do you say? No better then? .. Or else? .. Off ... I really don't know how it should be ... but where will it be? (client Sorina, too undocumented). You, with professionalism, perseverance, vision and immense patience, you managed to bring my project in fantastic final form! Thank you, you have all my appreciation!
Hey Moto


100% satisfied with the collaboration with Plum Media. We collaborated with them on website creation, marketing and online promotion, Google Ads and social media campaigns. If we were to describe in 3 words the experience: promptitudine, seriousness and professionalism. We highly recommend!
Tanya Povenskaya

Slowianka Nails Romania

I am very pleased with the collaboration especially on the web design side. I have all the confidence in the Plum Media team
Cornel Iancu

I chose Plum Media for my presentation site and I do not regret the choice made. The whole process went very well and I really like how this project came out. I recommend this agency for web design services
Sebastian Antonio

Pro Intersoft 2010

We have had successful collaborations with this web design agency in Bucharest, which is beneficial for both parties. Keep it that way!

Still thinking?

We are waiting for you with a message, and then, for a coffee. We want to see your business as soon as possible on the top.

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