Copywriting services

We write content for your business. SEO, smart copy, webistes texts, advertorials and social media.

Why Plum Media?

Because we know the difference between a good copywriter and a very good one: the sales. The first one can write beautifully and corectly, but the second one will also bring money into your account. As for writing, there is no middle ground: either you write good and useful, or you don’t write at all and you direct your energies in other more profitable directions.

  • New sales generated by a good SEO.
  • Professional writen content, which will boost your business reputation.
  • A very useful marketing tool.
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Copywriting services

In the digital age we are going through, the text is the best sales agent. Followed by, of course, by a suitable customer care. Plum Media offers you the both: both the knowledgeable and experienced copywriter, as well as an entire team, ready to help you establish the brief.

Online texts have the great advantage of working 24 hours a day and reaching where you can not. But as they can work in favor of your business, they can just as easily damage your reputation. Strange phrasing, spelling mistakes or clumsy topic tells a lot about a team. And no one wants to work with comfy, careless people with the way they communicate. That’s why you need professionals, the so-called wordsmiths, who know to give voice and chances for your business to start gaining.

Copywriting Advantages

Many people are creative, but few know how to write texts to sell.

Our specialists already have the keyboard ready and the most creative ideas for the content of your website. Until you decide to put us to the test, here are some of the advantages of copywriting services that we offer.

  • Fast delivery of any text
  • High-priced bundles for the online-offline mix
  • Working with a team of experienced and versatile copywriters
  • Tone of voice calibrated for your brand
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Clients Feedback

We are very proud of the services we offer our clients. Read below what they said about us.

Sabina Stroescu


They are the best (I have worked with several companies and speak from experience) and as an effective design and as a service. They are also serious and have a lot of demand which is extremely rare in this field. Very good quality / price ratio.
Sorina D.

Decor cu flori

Pfff ... I don't know ... how do you say? No better then? .. Or else? .. Off ... I really don't know how it should be ... but where will it be? (client Sorina, too undocumented). You, with professionalism, perseverance, vision and immense patience, you managed to bring my project in fantastic final form! Thank you, you have all my appreciation!
Hey Moto

100% satisfied with the collaboration with Plum Media. We collaborated with them on website creation, marketing and online promotion, Google Ads and social media campaigns. If we were to describe in 3 words the experience: promptitudine, seriousness and professionalism. We highly recommend!

Still thinking?

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