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Every business is now digital so we offer the complete solution for online communication.

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As a web design agency, you get to offer the best online advertising and communication services when you know how to listen and understand the needs of the businesses you work with. Plum Media Agency has learned this over time, along with its clients. And we are proud not only with a solid portfolio of clients, but also with the results we have delivered for them, in a whole decade of work.

We offer various and complete web design and online marketing services, but if we were to sum it up them in one activity, this would be “affirming on the market profile the big and small businesses”. Basically, anything that your business needs will be discovered from the very first exchange of e-mails with the Plum Media specialists.

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Plum Media is here to always give you real, consistent and quantifiable results!

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The company website is one of the boundaries of any activity, whether we are talking about the beginning of an entrepreneurial adventure or a rebranding. Plum Media offers Web Design services for presentation sites, photo sharing, e-commerce, corporate sites, blogs or community building.

We practice our creativity daily and take seriously what has become a cliche of newsletters elsewhere: professionalism and quality of teamwork.

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Ecommerce Solutions - Everything You Need to Sell Online!

In Ecommerce, it all starts with a properly developed store. We can help you. We develop online stores using WordPress Woocommerce.

You did your research, and the first conclusion you came to is that there are so many platform variants and so hard to choose. Good news: We have helped many customers, not only with the technical side of an online shop, but also with the initial decision making.

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Online Advertising with results.

Online advertising can become a chore for both the executor and the recipient. Especially for this reason, it is good to promote your services intelligently and efficiently, with the help of specialists in love with their profession.

We are a web agency that promotes online businesses in a personalized and thoughtful way, so that the results of the campaigns will be real, quantifiable and fully satisfying.

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Wondering how you can grow your business?

Plum Media is here to give you the answer! Real, consistent and quantifiable results!

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