Google Adwords Campaigns

Google Adwords Campaigns - helps you to sell, regardless your budget that you have available. Plum Media experts can show you how.

Why Plum Media?

Because we do this for a long time to realize at first why you need to sell better. Not coincidentally Google dominates the market for digital advertising. There are budgets, there are customers and your competitors but Google Adwords is the easiest opportunity to sell. But “at hand” does not mean “simple”. Here are some reasons why you should start considering to invest on online adevertisment!

  • Fast and effective in terms of costs to promote your business
  • Google Adwords campaigns executed correctly can bring forward your business in front of your competition
  • Increased traffic on the site, may result new leads
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Here’s how Google can help you in selling your products:

Google Adwords helps your business, but only if it handled intelligently. We are an experienced web agency with a lot of experience in paid campaigns and we are here to find the most favorable solutions for your business.

Want to have equal opportunities with your big competitors? Want to generate sales in a manner optimal for your team? As I said, your competition uses Google AdWords, but we can help you to overtake them with the very same tools. Campaigns designed and tested hundreds of times to produce concrete results from the first test. Thus, your website along with a promotional message appears in the top search results in Google for specific keywords by industry

So, what are the main reasons why you should lett us you manage your Google AdWords campaigns?

It’s time to protect your AdWords campaigns against fraud!


Most of the time your ads on Google are accessed by clickbots or competitors. To avoid spending budget in an inefficient way we use Clickcease, an antifraud application.

In this way, we ensure that only potential customers access your ad.

We carefully study your business activity, and set goals together to reach your objectives :

  • Choosing  the most important and effective keywords
  • Writing and testing the most creative texts and visuals to attract the attention of potential customers
  • Optimizing your campaign, so you pay as little
  • Increasing the potential of your campaings by 500% in a few hours or days
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Clients Feedback

We are very proud of the services we offer our clients. Read below what they said about us.

Sabina Stroescu


They are the best (I have worked with several companies and speak from experience) and as an effective design and as a service. They are also serious and have a lot of demand which is extremely rare in this field. Very good quality / price ratio.
Hey Moto

100% satisfied with the collaboration with Plum Media. We collaborated with them on website creation, marketing and online promotion, Google Ads and social media campaigns. If we were to describe in 3 words the experience: promptitudine, seriousness and professionalism. We highly recommend!
Maria Dimieru

Psychologist & Psychotherapist

I appreciate my collaboration with Plum Media. They pay attention to the specific needs of your business and come up with concrete solutions that help you achieve the desired results. I highly recommend it

Still thinking?

We are at a message and a click away. Let's start your next Google Adwords Campaign together!

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