SEO strategy – rules to follow, mistakes to avoid

The domain of SEO services presents a lot of sets of rules that must be followed in order to obtain a good optimization in the online space. This does not mean that once you learn these SEO rules you can declare yourself an expert. The rules of optimization can sometimes seem to change from one hour to another, and often it happens that what you knew was not good to do became beneficial.

Less known SEO rules

Below we present a list of aspects related to Search Engine Optimization that you may not have known or needed to be applied differently.

People vs. toil

Optimization is done first for humans, then for robots. As all aspects of technology are changing, so are search engine robots.

At its inception, Google, along with its algorithm, was based on a very technical way of analyzing SEO-related information, focusing on Meta data and other such issues.

These things are still important, but Google’s artificial intelligence technology now understands if people who came to your site got what they wanted. This trend will continue to rise, until you need to change the approach from technical to usability.

Design is what attracts. Based on the same idea of ​​improvement for humans and not for robots, a pleasant design is the first aspect that attracts customers. All the design elements of your site must denote professionalism: from the colors used, to the theme or the placement on the page of the content.

Content from the site

The relevance of the content is the key. Emphasis should be placed on the relevance of the article and the useful information used in it. Another area where the “less is more” principle applies: fewer articles by volume, but with more relevant information.

Duplicate content does not penalize you. However, the copied content will do it, so you must completely avoid this. Duplicate content will not pose any problems if you use the canonical tag to show preferences for the content type.

Update old content. One of the most overlooked aspects of a site is the old content, which should not be forgotten just because it is old. This can be updated by analyzing the information to see if new SEO practices have appeared compared to those already used or other new elements.

The site must be responsive. One of the most important choices when it comes to your site is the responsive aspect, which means that the site will display all the elements on the page correctly, regardless of the platform it is accessed. Thus, you have to test the appearance of the site both on the computer and on the tablet or phone.

Video content could help you in the end. The Aimclear platform has shown after a study that using a video on the Youtube platform can exponentially increase the chances of your site appearing on the first page. Of course, there are other video platforms that you can use.

Images from the site

SEO Image Optimization: This always starts with the file name. The robot from Google wants to know what the image is, without having to look at it. For this reason you must use the keyword or phrase in the file name.

Change the image size: images can have a major impact on site loading time, which is also very important. The faster it is, the easier it is to access and index. Especially the images that have a large size, but are presented in small format, must be modified. If you need a smaller picture, you need to change its size or even play with the file size.

Use responsive images: People constantly access websites on multiple types of mobile device screens. For this reason, you must adapt your images to fit in any context.

Another good solution is to use SVG images. They have the ability to resize themselves depending on the size of the screen on which they are viewed, without losing their quality. Besides, SVG images are small in size (up to 150KB) and are correctly interpreted by all search engines.

Add descriptions: The role of the descriptions attached to the images for SEO is that it places the subject in the reader’s attention. It tends to “scan” the page that it accesses, following the title, subtitles, images and descriptions.

Remember the alternative text: another text keeps the information that the image displays even if its visualization is not possible. There are a lot of reasons why images cannot be displayed, either because there is a problem with them or the site, or because this feature has been stopped by the user.


The best thing for the site or online store you own is to hire a consultant or agency.

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