Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2020

Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2020

If 2019 has influenced web design, 2020 is said to be a promising year. Web designers will not delay to use vibrant colors and creative mixtures that have never been tried before. Before detailing the latest trends in web design, here is some basic information that you should know.


What does Web Design means?

Web design is a process of conceptualization, planning and construction of electronic files that determine the layout, text, structure, color and use of interactive features that deliver pages visitors. More specific, a web designer is the person in charge of creating a website.


What is responsive design?

A responsive website has the ability to adapt the design of the pages according to your viewing environment (phone, laptop, tablet). It was designed to give users a great browsing experience. It is extremely useful because the site does not suffer significant degradation when it is accessed from a different device than desktop


Web Design trends

Although trends in web design will not suffer major changes from 2019-2020, there will be still some difference in the coming year compared to previous years. The change will be subtle, however, here’s what you need to keep in mind to make a website attractive.


Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) with illustrations

The biggest advantage of vector graphics is able to enlarge the images to any size we want without losing quality. Besides, SVG image size does not affect the file size. Also, SVG files can be animated and styled via CSS and Javascript

Large and bold fonts on simple backgrounds

Choosing a large font and bold has this power “magic” to make the site look better, causing your visitors to better understand the message you want to deliver. Through a remarkable font, big and bold you manage your message to be more clearly, while also improving the user experience. Also, Web designers began using massive texts on simple backgrounds that dominates the entire screen to enhance the quality of content.


Videos in site

A relevant video in a page, will arouse the interest of the visitor and make him interact with more pages. Sometimes people prefer to watch a video that summarizes the entire content than actually read it. Also a strong factor in search engine ranking is time on site (Dwell Time). An interesting video will definitely increase the time spent on the site, which will give positive feedback to the search engines to rank higher than your competition.


Artificial Inteligence

At first, web design involved creating websites using HTML. Since then, things have changed considerably so today we use artificial intelligence to simplify our work. Example platform: Wix, a leader in the construction of websites launched their version and vision of Digital Artificial Intelligence 2016.

The Concept Is Pretty Simple

Wix ask questions about your web site needs. Then, use these answers to create content items that are unique and robust in terms of design for your site.Wix will also provide images and personalized text if you’ll use their digital artificial intelligence.

Rich content

As mentioned above, the designers began to focus more on the content. It must be adapted to your page design, public and site specific. Do not forget you have to write clear, unique and integrate accurate, structured in an organized and attractive manner for your visitors. Give life to  your ideas so you can successfully convey the right message and dress it in an attractive form.

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