How does marketing work through Social Media campaigns?

Every month, there are over 2 billion active users on Facebook, 1 billion on Instagram and 365 million on Twitter, globally. Due to these important figures for these platforms, marketing specialists have quickly understood the importance of connecting the brand with potential customers through Social Media campaigns. In fact, experts estimate that investments in advertising through online promotion services will increase to $ 48 billion by 2021.

This is mainly due to the large number of users, who have recently joined people from different age groups. Then, although most do not want to acknowledge, we are constantly connected to Social Media.

By the simple fact that we have the mobile applications installed and we have the notifications started. Thus, the accessibility and speed with which people check Social Media (when they go to work, to school, when traveling or simply relax), places this channel in the top of the preferences for marketing campaigns.

What is a Social Media Campaign?

This is a marketing effort coordinated by a business to consolidate information about a brand, product or service, using at least one Social Media platform. These campaigns are strategically focused on the specific audience, have measurable results and influence followers in MS to behave or feel a certain way.

What determines the effectiveness of some Social Media campaigns?

Social Media advertising has the ability to reach and communicate with the audience at “low-cost” cataloged prices, benefiting at the same time from an important impact and, therefore, guaranteed efficiency. That’s why MS campaigns have become a crucial marketing technique for businesses around the world, regardless of domain.

Using Social Media, you have the ability to reach your target audience, create a connection with your current and potential customers, build brand loyalty, increase traffic to your site and even increase sales. Any business owner should understand that social media marketing is not just a rising trend, but a powerful industry that has emerged with the purpose of remaining.

How do you set goals for your campaign?

The secret to the effectiveness of some Social Media campaigns lies in establishing specific objectives from the beginning. Here are some examples you can guide:

Improve your brand identity – your business can achieve this through Social Media by posting campaign elements on multiple platforms. You can also use specific hashtags to urge followers to share your content and tag your friends. At the same time, the growth of brand identity through Social Media does not take long. 91% of marketing specialists said they noticed an increase in brand visibility on Social Media just a few hours a week. A good example of this is the Apple #shotoniphone campaign. This involved the simple creation of the hashtag, with the purpose of promoting the photos on Instagram, made with Apple phones. People were able to share a common passion for photography, made with the same device. And now, after several years, the hashtag is still in use, covering over 4 million posts. Apple started the campaign, without too much financial effort, and iPhone users have been busy with its development.

Get in touch with your audience

When you are working on a social media marketing campaign, you want to connect with the public both at the “surface” level – through likes, followings, comments, etc. – as well as through posts with which they can identify. In this category the Coca-Cola “Share a Coke” campaign is very well, whereby the company has sold personalized bottles with the names of thousands, globally. In addition, people could customize their own bottles on the Coca-Cola site for $ 5.

Increase website traffic – this can be done by simply adding the link in the description of Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter. This will help users reach your site to learn more about the company or your products and services. You can also connect the site through link-building systems, posts or even articles.

It generates sales – the marketing specialists who carry out the Social Media campaigns want to arouse the interest of the customers regarding products, brand or services. When a business succeeds in doing this successfully, it will benefit from increased sales. Social Media is an efficient tool to make people interested, through postings that use images and can be distributed in large volumes.

The best results are obtained when the needs, objectives and methods of promotion that a business has are identified. Most of the time, this requires the expertise of some professionals. Therefore, it is advisable to call a web design agency, which will carry out a thorough analysis, to create a successful campaign.

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